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Figure 1

From: Herlyn-werner-wunderlich syndrome: MRI findings, radiological guide (two cases and literature review), and differential diagnosis

Figure 1

Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome (C) Drawing illustrates the triad (renal agenesis, didelphys uterus, and obstructed hemivagina and in this case the presence of an endometriosic cyst. A 16-years-old girl presenting the triad of didelphys uterus (class III MDA), an obstructed right hemivagina (class I MDA), and ipsilateral renal agenesis. (A) Axial turbo spin-echo T2 weighted (B) Axial turbo spin-echo T1 fat-saturated weighted MR image showing centrally a hematocolpos (asterisk), a finding corresponding to the obstructed right hemivagina. Mild dilation of the right endometrial cavity (curved arrow) with fluid exhibiting a signal intensity similar to methaemoglobin due to haematometra.

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