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Featured review: CMR in the evaluation of heart valve disease

This review details the utility of CMR for studying all aspects of VHD, including valve anatomy, flow quantification as well as ventricular volumes and function. The optimisation of CMR for evaluating the commonest valve lesions as well as in right-sided VHD and prosthetic valves is summarised.

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  1. Content type: Research article


    Authors: Benjamin P. Ernst, Mohamed Hodeib, Sebastian Strieth, Julian Künzel, Fabian Bischof, Berit Hackenberg, Tilmann Huppertz, Veronika Weber, Katharina Bahr, Jonas Eckrich, Jan Hagemann, Matthias Engelbarts, Matthias F. Froelich, Philipp Solbach, Richard Linke, Christoph Matthias…

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