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Featured article: Non-rigid image registration of 4D-MRI data for improved delineation of moving tumors

In this work, Weick et al present that end-expiratory and inspiratory phases of a 4D MRI data sets can be targets for non-rigid image registration of other phases, and that the image quality of the targets can be significantly enhanced leading to improved target delineation of moving tumors.

Featured article: Rotation and torsion of the left ventricle with cardiovascular magnetic resonance tagging: comparison of two analysis methods

Lehmonen et al report that when comparing absolute values of rotation and torsion of the left ventricle during systole between individuals, software-specific reference values are required.

Featured article: Noninvasive KRAS mutation estimation in colorectal cancer using a deep learning method based on CT imaging

Experiments by He et al revealed that the computerized assessment of the pre-treatment CT images of colorectal cancer patients using a deep learning model has the potential to predict KRAS mutations and may assist in noninvasive KRAS mutation estimation.


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