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BMC Medical Imaging

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Are you holding on to data that you've not yet published? You can get recognition for it by publishing a data note in BMC Research Notes.

3D surface model of an air-way

Featured article: Analysis of the 3D geometry of the cerebral circulation

A new quantitative method was used to map and analyse the 3D geometry of the cerebral circulation providing detailed information about this complex network of blood vessels.


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Aims and scope

BMC Medical Imaging is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in the development, evaluation, and use of imaging techniques and image processing tools to diagnose and manage disease.


Section Editors

Meet the editors

Marcus Carlsson is a senior physician at the Department of Clinical Physiology, Lund University, Sweden. He joined the editorial board of BMC Medical Imaging as Section Editor in 2015.

Data support service pilot

Authors submitting to this journal can opt to use a new service that will make it easier to share research data.

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