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Featured article: Breast MRI texture analysis for prediction of BRCA-associated genetic risk

Vasileiou et al implemented a Lasso-principal component regression analysis and showed evidence for the utility of MRI texture features in distinguishing between BRCA1/2 positive and negative high-risk breast cancer individuals.

Featured article: Sentinel lymph node mapping using ICG fluorescence and cone beam CT – a feasibility study in a rabbit model of oral cancer

Muhanna et al showed in this feasibility study the application of radioactive tracers in sentinel lymph node biopsy in rabbits with head and neck cancer. Limitations and advantages were identified and suggest this method may complement surgery.

Featured article: Retrospective accuracy analysis of MRI based lesion size measurement in neuroblastic tumors: which sequence should we choose?

The aim of this study by Gassenmaier et al was to compare neuroblastic tumor size based on MRI measurements to histopathology measurements of the resected specimens as standard of reference. They reported no significant difference between three-dimensional measurements and histopathology measurements of the resected specimens.


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Call for Content: AI in Medical Imaging

BMC Medical Imaging welcomes submissions to this new collection focusing on deepening the understanding of artificial intelligence in medical imaging, highlighting its versatility and applications, and breaking down barriers that still exist in the field. 
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