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Table 2 Agreement of lesion location

From: Agreement in breast lesion assessment and final BI-RADS classification between radial and meander-like breast ultrasound

  Radial US+ Meander-like US++ ICC Weighted kappa Agreement
Clock-face localization     0.70 Substantial
Mean distance to mammilla (mm)
(min, max) [SD]
(0.0–86.0) [± 20.5]
(0.0–100.0), [± 22.6]
0.64   Good
Mean distance to skin (mm)
(min, max) [SD]
(1.0–26.0) [± 5.0]
(1.0–20.0) [± 4.0]
0.72   Good
  1. +Due to the wide transducer in r-US, the mammilla is visualized as the rotation point, and thus, allowed for measuring the distance between lesion and nipple.++ In m-US, the nipple-lesion distance was estimated