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Table 1 Comparisons of the clinical manifestations of the male and female patients with SPNP

From: Clinical manifestations and multi-slice computed tomography characteristics of solid pseudopapillary neoplasms of the pancreas between males and females

Clinical manifestationMales (n = 7)Females (n = 22)P
Median age (years)56.0 (28.0,66.0)29.0 (12.0,70.0)0.012
Clinical manifestation  0.872
 Abdominal pain or abdominal discomfort5 (71.4%)15 (68.2%) 
 Physical examinations2 (28.6%)7 (31.8%) 
Tumor site  0.904
 Head/neck of pancreas3 (42.9%)6 (27.3%) 
 Body/tail of pancreas4 (57.1%)16 (72.7%)