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Table 1 Whole Body MRI sequence parameters

From: Localising occult prostate cancer metastasis with advanced imaging techniques (LOCATE trial): a prospective cohort, observational diagnostic accuracy trial investigating whole–body magnetic resonance imaging in radio-recurrent prostate cancer

 T2-TSEmDixon (pre- and post-contrast)DWI (b0, 1000)
Slice orientationTransverseCoronalTransverse
Echo time (ms)802.30317
Repetition time (ms)1214.693.56304.5
Space between slices5.52.55.5
Number of slices4012040
Slice thickness (mm)555
Acquisition matrix500*497240*238124*118
Echo train length89239
Number of averages112
Pixel bandwidth (Hz)53818473354
Pixel spacing0.78/0.781.04/1.042.08
Flip angle901590
  1. TSE Turbo spin echo, DWI Diffusion weighted imaging