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Table 3 The bilirubin value, infusion time and final diagnosis in the nine cases where no secretion of contrast media was observed at DIC-CT.

From: Three-dimensional drip infusion CT cholangiography in patients with suspected obstructive biliary disease: a retrospective analysis of feasibility and adverse reaction to contrast material.

Bilirubin value, μmol/L Infusion time, minutes Reported findings in medical records, final diagnosis Reported findings at DIC-CT
133 120 Hepatitis Type B1 wide bile duct
120 240 Pancreatitis 1,2 inconclusive
79 180 Intraductal stone in choledochus and pancreatitis 7,2,6 Intraductal stone
73 120 Cholecystitis1,2 wide bile duct
30 unknown Concrememt in choledochus1,2,3,6, Intraductal stone
25 unknown Concrement in choledochus, Total occlusion and Klatskin tumour5,7 Intraductal stone, tumour
16 60 Distal stenosis in choledochus and pancreatitis 4,5,7 inconclusive
12 60 Total occlusion in choledochus, pancreas tumour 2,3 wide bile duct
8 60 Post operative cholangitis/cholecystitis with bile fistula and leakage1,6,7 fluid-filled cavity
  1. The method by which the final diagnosis was made is indicated by the superscript numbers where 1 = laboratory findings, 2 = ultrasound, 3 = ultrasound with fine needle biopsy, 4 = MRCP, 5 = operation, 6 = ERCP and 7 = PTC.