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Figure 4

From: Mindboggle: Automated brain labeling with multiple atlases

Figure 4

Spatial distribution of the number of labels per voxel. The isosurface representations of this subject are colored to indicate the number of different labels assigned to each voxel by the different atlases (for example, gray indicates one label, when all atlases agree). From left to right, each brain has been labeled by Mindboggle using an increasing number of atlases (2, all 9 from the same subject group, and all 19 from both subject groups). As one would expect, increasing the number of atlases inceases the average number of different labels assigned to each voxel. Missing data in vertical strips are a result of incompletely labeled coronal sections, as in Figure 1. The data for all subjects and for every number of atlases are graphed in Figure 3.

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