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Table 2 Characteristics of included studies

From: Observer variation in chest radiography of acute lower respiratory infections in children: a systematic review

Author Subjects Observers
Simpson et al 1974 [14]a 330 children under 14 years hospitalized with acute lower respiratory infection 2 radiologists
McCarthy et al 1981 [15] 128 of 1566 children seen in a pediatric emergency room with a pulmonary infiltrate in chest radiography (as judged by the duty radiologist) 2 radiologists
Crain et al 1991 [9] 230 of 242 febrile infants under 8 weeks evaluated in an emergency room and who received a chest radiograph 2 radiologists
Kramer et al 1992 [12] 287 unreferred febrile children, aged 3–24 months, in an emergency unit 1 pediatrician,
   1 duty radiologist,
   1 "blind" pediatric radiologist
Davies et al 1996 [10]b 40 children under 6 months, 25 with pneumonia and 15 with bronchiolitis, admitted to a tertiary care pediatric hospital 3 pediatric radiologists
Coakley et al 1996 [8] 113 previously well children under 3 years hospitalized with acute respiratory infections and no focal abnormality on radiography 2 radiologists
  1. aKappa calculated from data extracted from the report bAverage weighted kappa