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Table 1 Characteristics of study design and reporting

From: Observer variation in chest radiography of acute lower respiratory infections in children: a systematic review

  Present a Absent b Unclear c
Validity eligibility criteria    
Independent assessment of radiographs 9 1 0
Relevant clinical population (not case-control design) 7 3 0
Other validity characteristics    
Description of study population (3 of age, M:F ratio, clinical features and eligibility criteria) 6 4 0
Description of criteria for radiological signs 4 6 0
Presentation of indeterminate results 7 2 1
Meaningful measures of agreement (kappa or equivalent) 8 2 0
Confidence intervals for measures of agreement 1 9 0
Assessment of intra-observer variability 3 7 0
  1. a Study characteristic present, according to research report b Study characteristic absent, according to research report c Insufficient information to determine whether the characteristic was present.