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Thoracic imaging

Section edited by Marcus Carlsson

This section aims to publish articles related to the development, evaluation, and use of imaging techniques and image processing tools to image the organs and tissues of the thoracic cavity. 

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  1. Content type: Research article

    Computed tomography pulmonary angiography (CTPA) is the gold standard for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE). However, contrast is contraindicated in some patients. The purpose of this study was to deter...

    Authors: Chiao-Hsuan Chien, Fu-Chieh Shih, Chin-Yu Chen, Chia-Hui Chen, Wan-Ling Wu and Chee-Wai Mak

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:65

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research article

    To investigate the value of predictive nomogram in optimizing computed tomography (CT)-based differential diagnosis of primary progressive pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) from community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in...

    Authors: Bei Wang, Min Li, He Ma, Fangfang Han, Yan Wang, Shunying Zhao, Zhimin Liu, Tong Yu, Jie Tian, Di Dong and Yun Peng

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:63

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research article

    T1 mapping sequences such as MOLLI, ShMOLLI and SASHA make use of different technical approaches, bearing strengths and weaknesses. It is well known that obtained T1 relaxation times differ between the sequenc...

    Authors: Julius F. Heidenreich, Andreas M. Weng, Julian Donhauser, Andreas Greiser, Kelvin Chow, Peter Nordbeck, Thorsten A. Bley and Herbert Köstler

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:59

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research article

    The reliable quantification of myocardial blood flow (MBF) with MRI, necessitates the correction of errors in arterial input function (AIF) caused by the T1 saturation effect. The aim of this study was to compare...

    Authors: Minna Husso, Mikko J. Nissi, Antti Kuivanen, Paavo Halonen, Miikka Tarkia, Jarmo Teuho, Virva Saunavaara, Pauli Vainio, Petri Sipola, Hannu Manninen, Seppo Ylä-Herttuala, Juhani Knuuti and Juha Töyräs

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:58

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Research article

    In this study we sought to retrospectively evaluate whether a very brief cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) protocol sufficiently distinguishes patients with relevant myocardial changes with need for fur...

    Authors: Jonathan Nadjiri, Anna-Lena Zaschka, Alexandra S. Straeter, Andreas Sauter, Maximilian Englmaier, Florian Weis, Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz, Ernst J. Rummeny, Daniela Pfeiffer and Michael Rasper

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:57

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Research article

    Pulmonary involvement is common in several infectious and non-infectious diagnostic settings. Imaging findings consistently overlap and are therefore difficult to differentiate by chest-CT. The aim of this stu...

    Authors: Christopher Kloth, Wolfgang Maximilian Thaiss, Robert Beck, Michael Haap, Jan Fritz, Meinrad Beer and Marius Horger

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:39

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Research article

    Left ventricular mass (LVM) is an independent risk factor for the prediction of cardiac events. Its assessment is a clinically important diagnostic procedure in cardiology and may be performed by Computed Tomo...

    Authors: Alexandra G. Gheorghe, Andreas Fuchs, Christina Jacobsen, Klaus F. Kofoed, Rasmus Møgelvang, Niels Lynnerup and Jytte Banner

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:29

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Research article

    Although previous studies have examined the impact of slice position in volumetric measurements in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) imaging, very limited data are available today comparing T1 and Extra-...

    Authors: Christos G. Xanthis, David Nordlund, Robert Jablonowski and Håkan Arheden

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:18

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research article

    Fetal deformity is a disease caused by abnormal chromosome structure, which may be influenced by genetic factors as well as the maternal and external environment. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be used t...

    Authors: Lishun Wang, Hongyan Nie, Qichen Wang, Guoliang Zhang, Gang Li, Liwei Bai, Tianshu Hua and Shuzhang Wei

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:12

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Research article

    Peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) provide secure intravenous access for the delivery of life-sustaining medications and nutrition. They are commonly used in pediatrics. Confirmation of correct ce...

    Authors: Rebecca A. Hammon, Hannes Seuss, Matthias Hammon, Christian Grillhösl, Rafael Heiss, Martin Zeilinger, Nadine Bayerl, Pieter Vuylsteke, Friedrich Wanninger, Michael Schroth, Michael Uder and Oliver Rompel

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:3

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Research article

    Recent autopsy studies found microvascular rarefaction in remodeled myocardium of patients who died of heart failure with preserved ejection-fraction (HFpEF). This condition has not been investigated so far by...

    Authors: Pier Giorgio Masci, Anna Giulia Pavon, Gregoire Berchier and Juerg Schwitter

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2019 19:1

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Research article

    To explore the value of parameters of multiphase dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MDCE-MRI) in the qualitative diagnosis of hepatic masses.

    Authors: Jingjing Chen, Youjiao Si, Kaikai Zhao, Xianglong Shi, Weiqun Bi, Shi-en Liu and Hui Hua

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:56

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Research article

    While primarily a right heart disease, pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) can impact left heart function and aortic flow through a shifted interventricular septum from right ventricular pressure overload an...

    Authors: Jacob A. Macdonald, Christopher J. Franҫois, Omid Forouzan, Naomi C. Chesler and Oliver Wieben

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:55

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Research article

    Accurately detecting and examining lung nodules early is key in diagnosing lung cancers and thus one of the best ways to prevent lung cancer deaths. Radiologists spend countless hours detecting small spherical...

    Authors: Hwejin Jung, Bumsoo Kim, Inyeop Lee, Junhyun Lee and Jaewoo Kang

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:48

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research article

    Spontaneous T2DM in rhesus monkeys manifests as isolated diastolic dysfunction in the early stage of diabetic cardiomyopathy, similar to humans. Myocardial deformation measurements have emerged as a superior w...

    Authors: Tong Zhu, Wen Zeng, Yushu Chen, Yu Zhang, Jiayu Sun, Zhigang Liang, Zunyuan Yang, Wei Cheng, Lei Wang, Bin Song, Bing Wu, Fangtong Wang, Yinan Liang, Li Gong, Jie Zheng and Fabao Gao

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:47

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research article

    This study aimed to determine the prognostic value of positron emission tomography (PET) metabolic parameters—namely metabolic tumor volume (MTV), total lesion glycolysis (TLG), and total lesion retention (TLR...

    Authors: Soma Kumasaka, Takahito Nakajima, Yukiko Arisaka, Azusa Tokue, Arifudin Achmad, Yasuhiro Fukushima, Kimihiro Shimizu, Kyoichi Kaira, Tetsuya Higuchi and Yoshito Tsushima

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:46

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Case report

    Lung agenesis is a rare congenital anomaly. The main etiology of the disease is unknown whereas genetic, iatrogenic and viral factors as well as vitamin A deficiency during early pregnancy may result in develo...

    Authors: Jamshid Sadiqi and Hidayatullah Hamidi

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:37

    Published on:

  18. Content type: Research article

    Dual-phase 3-dimensional whole-heart acquisition allows simultaneous imaging during systole and diastole. Respiratory navigator gating and tracking of the diaphragm is used with limited accuracy. Prolonged sca...

    Authors: Danielle M. Moyé, Tarique Hussain, Rene M. Botnar, Animesh Tandon, Gerald F. Greil, Adrian K. Dyer and Markus Henningsson

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:36

    Published on:

  19. Content type: Research article

    Left atrial (LA) enlargement has been identified as a predictor of worse clinical outcome after catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation (AF). We investigated the correspondence of LA size parameters assessed...

    Authors: Zdenka Fingrova, Josef Marek, Stepan Havranek, Lukas Lambert, Petr Kuchynka and Ales Linhart

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:32

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Research article

    Chest radiographs are taken daily as a part of routine investigations in Intensive care unit (ICU) patients. They are less effective and unlikely to alter the management of the majority of these patients compa...

    Authors: Abdullah Al Shahrani and Khaled Al-Surimi

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:4

    Published on:

  21. Content type: Case report

    We believe this is the first case report of a pneumothorax being identified using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. This case also illustrates the haemodynamic effect a large pneumothorax can have on right v...

    Authors: J. P. M. Andrews, G. McKillop and M. R. Dweck

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:3

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Case report

    Systemic air embolism is a rare but potentially life-threatening complication of percutaneous computed tomography (CT)-guided lung biopsy. The incidence might be underestimated because of failure to diagnose t...

    Authors: Hsu-Chao Chang and Mei-Chen Yang

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2018 18:1

    Published on:

  23. Content type: Technical advance

    We investigate the use of different denoising filters on low signal-to-noise ratio cardiac images of the rat heart acquired with a birdcage volume coil at 7T. Accuracy and variability of cardiac function param...

    Authors: Benoit Tricot, Maxime Descoteaux, Matthieu Dumont, Frederic Chagnon, Luc Tremblay, André Carpentier, Olivier Lesur, Martin Lepage and Alain Lalande

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:62

    Published on:

  24. Content type: Research article

    Chest X-ray (CXR) is the primary diagnostic tool for community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). Some authors recently proposed that thoracic ultrasound (TUS) could valuably flank or even reliably substitute CXR in th...

    Authors: Maria D’Amato, Gaetano Rea, Vincenzo Carnevale, Maria Arcangela Grimaldi, Anna Rita Saponara, Eric Rosenthal, Michele Maria Maggi, Lucia Dimitri and Marco Sperandeo

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:52

    Published on:

  25. Content type: Research article

    Cardiovascular magnetic resonance feature tracking (CMR-FT) is a novel tissue tracking technique developed for noninvasive assessment of myocardial motion and deformation. This preliminary study aimed to evalu...

    Authors: Tomas Lapinskas, Jana Grune, Seyedeh Mahsa Zamani, Sarah Jeuthe, Daniel Messroghli, Rolf Gebker, Heike Meyborg, Ulrich Kintscher, Remigijus Zaliunas, Burkert Pieske, Philipp Stawowy and Sebastian Kelle

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:51

    Published on:

  26. Content type: Research article

    Chest X-ray (CXR) is a common imaging modality that could impact immediate decision-making for acute chest pathologies. We sought to examine the non-radiologists proficiency of diagnosing acute pathologies man...

    Authors: Ghazaleh Mehdipoor, Fatemeh Salmani and Abbas Arjmand Shabestari

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:49

    Published on:

  27. Content type: Research article

    Accurate lymph node staging is essential for adequate prognostication and therapy planning in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). FDG-PET/CT is a sensitive tool for the detection of metastases, i...

    Authors: Lennart Werner, Franziska Aebersold Keller, Ujwal Bhure, Justus Egidius Roos, Katharina Tornquist, Maria del Sol Pèrez-Lago, Oliver Gautschi and Klaus Strobel

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:41

    Published on:

  28. Content type: Case report

    Congenital cystic lymphangiomas are benign malformations due to a developmental disorder of lymphatic vessels. Besides surgical excision, sclerosant therapy of these lesions by intracavitary injection of OK-43...

    Authors: Carlos Menendez-Castro, Maren Zapke, Fabian Fahlbusch, Heiko von Goessel, Wolfgang Rascher and Jörg Jüngert

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:39

    Published on:

  29. Content type: Research article

    High reproducibility and low intra- and interobserver variability are important strengths of cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR). In clinical practice a significant learning curve may however be observed. Basic C...

    Authors: Erik Hedström, Masaki Ishida, Alvaro Sepúlveda-Martínez, Daniel Salehi, Johannes Sperling, Henrik Engblom and Eike Nagel

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:33

    Published on:

  30. Content type: Research article

    Model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) is a promising reconstruction method which could improve CT image quality with low radiation dose. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the advantage of usin...

    Authors: Jihang Sun, Tong Yu, Jinrong Liu, Xiaomin Duan, Di Hu, Yong liu and Yun Peng

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:24

    Published on:

  31. Content type: Research article

    Focus Cardiac Ultrasound (FoCUS) performed by internal medicine residents on call with 2 h of training can provide a means for ruling out cardiac disease, but with poor sensitivity. The purpose of the present ...

    Authors: Vidar Ruddox, Ingvild Billehaug Norum, Thomas Muri Stokke, Thor Edvardsen and Jan Erik Otterstad

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:22

    Published on:

  32. Content type: Research article

    Atrioventricular plane displacement (AVPD) is an indicator for systolic and diastolic function and accounts for 60% of the left ventricular, and 80% of the right ventricular stroke volume. AVPD is commonly mea...

    Authors: Felicia Seemann, Ulrika Pahlm, Katarina Steding-Ehrenborg, Ellen Ostenfeld, David Erlinge, Jean-Luc Dubois-Rande, Svend Eggert Jensen, Dan Atar, Håkan Arheden, Marcus Carlsson and Einar Heiberg

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:19

    Published on:

  33. Content type: Research article

    To systematically investigate the relationship between CT morphological features and the presence of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

    Authors: Zenghui Cheng, Fei Shan, Yuesong Yang, Yuxin Shi and Zhiyong Zhang

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:5

    Published on:

  34. Content type: Case report

    Cardiac amyloidosis is a progressive but underdiagnosed and underappreciated cause of heart failure. In the last few years, cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) has become the gold standard for non invasive...

    Authors: Marianna Fontana, Thomas A. Treibel, Ana Martinez-Naharro, Stefania Rosmini, Raymond Y. Kwong, Julian D. Gillmore, Philip N. Hawkins and James C. Moon

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:3

    Published on:

  35. Content type: Research article

    Accurate T-staging is pivotal for predicting prognosis and selecting appropriate therapies for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). The diagnostic performance of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emissio...

    Authors: Yung-Cheng Huang, Hung-I Lu, Shun-Chen Huang, Chien-Chin Hsu, Nan-Tsing Chiu, Yu-Ming Wang, Yi-Chun Chiu and Shau-Hsuan Li

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2017 17:1

    Published on:

  36. Content type: Software

    Early diastolic left ventricular (LV) filling can be accurately described using the same methods used in classical mechanics to describe the motion of a loaded spring as it recoils, a validated method also ref...

    Authors: Martin G. Sundqvist, Katrin Salman, Per Tornvall and Martin Ugander

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:60

    Published on:

  37. Content type: Research article

    Patient motion during myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging (MPI) may be triggered by a patient’s physical and/or psychological discomfort. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of state anxiety (pa...

    Authors: Vassiliki Lyra, Maria Kallergi, Emmanouil Rizos, Georgios Lamprakopoulos and Sofia N. Chatziioannou

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:49

    Published on:

  38. Content type: Research article

    To compare the capability of lung nodule detection and characterization between dual-energy radiography with color-representation (DCR) and conventional gray scale chest radiography (GSR).

    Authors: Inyoung Song, Jeong Geun Yi, Jeong Hee Park, Kyung Soo Lee and Myung Jin Chung

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:48

    Published on:

  39. Content type: Software

    Determination of the relaxation time constants T1 and T2 with quantitative magnetic resonance imaging is increasingly used for both research and clinical practice. Recently, groups have been formed within the ...

    Authors: Sebastian Bidhult, George Kantasis, Anthony H. Aletras, Håkan Arheden, Einar Heiberg and Erik Hedström

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:46

    Published on:

  40. Content type: Case report

    In patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH), duration of vortical blood flow along the main pulmonary artery enables estimation of the mean pulmonary arterial pressure (mPAP) non-invasively. It remains to dat...

    Authors: Gert Reiter, Ursula Reiter, Gabor Kovacs, Gabriel Adelsmayr, Andreas Greiser, Aurelien F. Stalder, Horst Olschewski and Michael Fuchsjäger

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:45

    Published on:

  41. Content type: Technical advance

    Medical image analysis in clinical practice is commonly carried out on 2D image data, without fully exploiting the detailed 3D anatomical information that is provided by modern non-invasive medical imaging tec...

    Authors: Jan L. Bruse, Kristin McLeod, Giovanni Biglino, Hopewell N. Ntsinjana, Claudio Capelli, Tain-Yen Hsia, Maxime Sermesant, Xavier Pennec, Andrew M. Taylor and Silvia Schievano

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:40

    Published on:

  42. Content type: Research article

    To evaluate screening and diagnostic accuracy for the detection of osteoblastic rib lesions using an advanced post-processing package enabling in-plane rib reading in CT-images.

    Authors: Hannes Seuss, Peter Dankerl, Alexander Cavallaro, Michael Uder and Matthias Hammon

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:39

    Published on:

  43. Content type: Research article

    Studying T1- and T2-mapping for discrimination of acute from chronic myocardial infarction (AMI, CMI).

    Authors: Florian von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, Marcel Prothmann, Matthias A. Dieringer, Ralf Wassmuth, André Rudolph, Wolfgang Utz, Julius Traber, Andreas Greiser, Thoralf Niendorf and Jeanette Schulz-Menger

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:35

    Published on:

  44. Content type: Technical advance

    A standardized imaging proposal evaluating implanted left atrial appendage (LAA) occlusion devices by cardiac computed tomography angiography (cCTA) has never been investigated.

    Authors: Michael Behnes, Ibrahim Akin, Benjamin Sartorius, Christian Fastner, Ibrahim El-Battrawy, Martin Borggrefe, Holger Haubenreisser, Mathias Meyer, Stefan O. Schoenberg and Thomas Henzler

    Citation: BMC Medical Imaging 2016 16:25

    Published on: