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Table 3 Overview of performance measures analysed in this study

From: An evaluation of performance measures for arterial brain vessel segmentation

Performance Measure Abbreviation Category
Dice DICE 1
Jaccard Index JAC 1
Sensitivity SNS 1
Specificity SP 1
Sensibility SB 1
Global consistency error GCE 1
Conformity CNF 1
Accuracy ACC 1
Precision PRC 1
Volumetric similarity VS 2
Rand Index RI 3
Adjusted Rand Index ARI 3
Mutual information MI 4
Variation of information VOI 4
Interclass correlation ICC 5
Probabilistic distance PBD 5
Cohen's kappa KAP 5
Area under ROC Curve AUC 5
Hausdorff distance (95th quantile) HD95 6
balanced average Hausdorff distance bAHD 6
average Hausdorff distance AHD 6
Mahalanobis Distance MHD 6
  1. The symbols in the “abbreviation” column are used to denote the performance measures throughout the manuscript. The column “category” assigns each metric to one of the following performance measure families: (1) Overlap based, (2) Volume based, (3) Pair counting based, (4) Information theoretic based, (5) Probabilistic based, and (6) Spatial distance based