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Table 1 Primary central nervous system lymphoma of the cavernous sinus in published studies

From: Primary marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of the cavernous sinus: a case report and review of the literature

References Age/sex Immune status Histologic type Symptoms Involvement site Treatment CT/MRI DWI/ADC Out-come
de la Fuente et al. [8] 30 F HIV (–) MZBCL Facial pain CS Surgery, R/T −/− N/A CR
51 F HIV (–) MZBCL Focal paresthesia and numbness Left CS C/T, R/T −/− N/A CR
48 F HIV (–) MZBCL Cranial nerve palsy Bilateral CS C/T −/− N/A CR
50 F HIV (–) MZBCL Cranial nerve palsy CS Surgery, R/T −/− N/A CR
Suresh et al. [9] 24 F N/A MZBCL Right painless vision loss, bitemporal visual field defect Left CS, falx, tentorium Surgery, C/T −/+ N/A N/A
Dultra et al. [10] 63 M HIV (–) NHK B cell lymphoma Frontal headache, right facial pain, diplopia Bilateral CS, sella Surgery, R/T −/+ N/A CR
Ko et al. [11] 70 F N/A DLBCL Facial pain, complete right ptosis, diplopia Right CS, right orbit C/T −/+ N/A CR
Demirkaya et al. [12] 4 M N/A NHK Right ptosis, pupil dilatation, ophthalmoplegia Right CS Surgery, C/T −/+ N/A CR
Sadruddin et al. [13] 17 F N/A TLBL Rapidly progressive right headache, diplopia, facial numbness Right CS Surgery, C/T, R/T −/+ N/A CR
Famoso et al. [14] 46 F Immuno-competent MZBCL Right exophthalmos, ptosis, retro-orbital pain Right CS, sella, orbital meninges Surgery, rituximab −/− N/A PR
Razaq et al. [15] 61 F HIV (–) MZBCL Headache, CN III palsy Left CS, left optic nerve R/T, rituximab −/− N/A CR
Choi et al. [16] 12 M N/A DLBCL Visual disturbance, periorbital pain Bilateral CS, dura, sphenoid bone C/T +/+ N/A CR
Nakamura et al. [17] 69 M N/A *highly malignant B cell lymphoma Diplopia, left facial numbness, dysarthria, dysphagia (Garcin syndrome) Left CS, occipital and clival bone N/A −/+ N/A N/A
Ronson et al. [18] 53 F N/A DLBCL Diplopia, headache, left mouth paresthesia Right CS, right sphenoid sinus extension Surgery, C/T, R/T −/− N/A N/A
Sanjeevi et al. [19] 46 F HIV (–) MZBCL Left side headache, ophthalmalgia, decreased visual acuity Left CS, left orbital apex Surgery, R/T −/+ N/A CR
Arimoto et al. [20] 59 F HIV (–) *diffuse small B cell lymphoma Diplopia on right lateral gaze, right facial hypesthesia Right CS Surgery, R/T −/+ N/A CR
Jaiswal et al. [21] 40 M HIV (–) DLBCL Right sided headache, tinnitus, hearing impairment, ataxia Right CPA, right CS, right orbit Surgery, C/T, R/T +/+ N/A CR
Roman-Goldstein et al. [22] 37 M Immuno-competent N/A Retro-orbital headache, diplopia Right CS C/T −/+ N/A CR
62 M Immuno-competent N/A Headache, diplopia Left CS Surgery, C/T, R/T −/− N/A Died at 18 month
51 F Immuno-competent N/A Diplopia Left CS Surgery, C/T −/− N/A N/A
Nakatomi et al. [23] 77 M HIV (–) DLBCL Left facial hypesthesia, diplopia Left CS, petroclival dura Surgery, C/T, R/T −/+ N/A Died at 31 month
  1. *Pathologic diagnoses not applicable to WHO 2016 classification, CPA, cerebellopontine angle; CS, cavernous sinus; CR, complete response; C/T, chemotherapy; DLBCL, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; N/A, not available; NHK, non-Hodgkin lymphoma; PR, partial response; R/T, radiotherapy; TLBL, T-cell acute lymphoblastic lymphoma