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Table 1 Literature review and clinical data analysis

From: Localized biphasic malignant mesothelioma presenting as a giant pelvic wall mass: a rare case report and literature review

Author/yearAgeSexAsbestos ExposureLocationSize (cm)AnemiaInitial symptom
Sasaki et al [4]/200966MaleYesLiver4NoNo obvious symptoms
Shao et al [2]/201177FemaleNoRight abdominal wallVery largeNoNotice enlarging lump
Kohno et al [5]/201269MaleYesLeft abdominal wall10.7NoNo obvious symptoms
Takehara et al [6]/201472MaleNoTransverse colon10YesAbdominal pain
Serter et al [7]/201566MaleNoLiver20YesAbdominal pain
Ali et al [8]/201641FemaleNoLiver24YesNo obvious symptoms
Dalal et al [9]/201869FemaleNoLiver9YesAbdominal pain
Present case79MaleNoLiver8NoNo obvious symptoms
Author/yearTumor markerTreatmentFollow-up
Sasaki et al [4]/2009NormalRadical excisionNo recurrence or metastasis 6 months after surgery
Shao et al [2]/2011NormalSymptomatic treatmentDied 6 months after discovery
Kohno et al [5]/2012NormalRadical excisionNo recurrence more than 7 months after operation
Takehara et al [6]/2014NormalRadical excisionDied 6 months after operation
Serter et al [7]/2015NormalRadical excisionUnknown
Ali et al [8]/2016NormalRadical excisionUnknown
Dalal et al [9]/2018NormalRadical excision and adjuvant chemotherapyRecurrence and progression during follow-up
Present caseNormalRadical excisionRecurrence 4 years after surgery