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Table 1 Health state annual transition probabilities and utilities used in the model

From: Comparison of 18F-sodium fluoride PET/CT, 18F-fluorocholine PET/CT and diffusion-weighted MRI for the detection of bone metastases in recurrent prostate cancer: a cost-effectiveness analysis in France

 Transition probabilities (95% Confidence Interval)References
m0 BCR
➔m1 BCR0.0288 (0.0279–0.0297)Hernandez 2018 [17]
➔m0 CRPC0.0279 (0.0249–0.0308)Hirst 2012 [18]
➔m1 CRPCCombination P(m1 BCR + m0 CRPC) 
➔m0 BCR DeathFrench male mortality in 2017 (time-dependant) [19]
On m0 BCR1 - others Pm0 BCR 
➔m1 CRPC0.1520 (0.1080–0.1940)Smith 2005 [20]
➔m0 CRPC DeathCombination P(0.0413 + French male mortality in 2017)Hirst 2012, [18, 19]
On m0 CRPC1 – others Pm0 CRPC 
m1 BCR
➔m1 CRPC0.2055 (0.1813–0.2251)James 2015 [2]
➔m1 BCR DeathCombination P(0.1306 + French male mortality in 2017)James 2015, [2, 20]
On m1 BCR1 – others Pm1 BCR 
➔m1 CRPC DeathCombination P(0.2933 + French male mortality in 2017)Fizazi 2011 [21]
On m1 CRPC1 – others Pm1 CRPC 
 Utilities (Standard Deviation)References
m0 BCR0.89 (0.14)Torvinen 2013 [22]
m0 CRPC0.86 (0.17)Saad 2018 [23]
m1 BCR0.74 (0.27)Torvinen 2013 [22]
m1 CRPC0.83 (0.13)Lloyd 2015 [24]
  1. BCR biochemical recurrence; CRPC castration-resistant prostate cancer; m0 patient not metastatic to bone; m1 patient metastatic to bone