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Table 4 P-values for correlation of regional LV flow parameters with traditional CMR parameters in anterior AMI patients

From: Reduced regional flow in the left ventricle after anterior acute myocardial infarction: a case control study using 4D flow MRI

 Peak Systolic Flow (L/min)Peak Diastolic Flow (L/min)
Infarct size0.810.190.660.360.140.3
Heart rate0.02 (−0.64)
Stroke volume0.03 (0.63)
Cardiac output0.460.990.220.590.770.83
Ejection fraction0.001 (0.84)0.03 (0.62)0.190.380.790.24
End diastolic volume0.970.840.230.90.560.66
Global peak longitudinal strain0.130.350.670.80.570.33
Regional peak radial strain0.
Regional peak circumferential strain0.02 (−0.69)0.150.670.650.920.43
  1. Note—Shown are P-values for spearman’s correlation coefficient. For P-values <0.05, the correlation coefficient is included in parentheses, and the box is in boldface text. Through-plane flow and strain were compared on a region-by-region basis (i.e. flow in the LV base was compared with strain in the LV base)