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Fig. 1

From: Standardized quality metric system for structural brain magnetic resonance images in multi-center neuroimaging study

Fig. 1

The flow chart for post-acquisition quality evaluation of a brain MRI slice. Foreground FRG is extracted FRX from the test image TIM. The test image is rescaled REX so that its pixel intensity levels is between 0 and 1. Two feature images, local contrast feature image CIM and grayscale image GIM are extracted from the rescaled image RIM. Global thresholding transforms the feature images into four binary feature images (only two BCM and BGM of the four binary feature images are shown). Determination of quality attributes QAX gives luminance contrast, texture contrast, texture and lightness quality attributes (only two, FQA and SQA of the four quality attributes are shown). The quality attributes are determined by matching relevant combinations of the binary feature images. Computation of quality score QSX for each quality attribute gives luminance contrast, texture, texture contrast and lightness quality scores (only two, FQS and SQS, of the four quality scores are shown). The total quality score QA is the weighted sum of the scores assigned to each quality attribute

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