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Table 1 Parts and items of the questionnaire for the evaluation of reports on X-ray exams of the shoulder

From: Structured reporting of x-rays for atraumatic shoulder pain: advantages over free text?

Part Item
A – content related 1. The report contains detailed information whether and to what extent signs of osteoarthritis are present.
2. The report contains information on the subacromial space/acromion (e.g. width, calcific tendinitis, acromion type, etc.).
3. The report contains additional relevant information.
B – structure, layout and comprehensiveness 1. The structure/highlighting of the elements is helpful for information extraction.
2. The extent of the report is appropriate.
3. The linguistic comprehensibility of the report is good.
C – Clinical consequences 1. The clinical question is answered in the report.
2. Based on the report, a decision on further clinical management of the patient (e.g. therapy, additional diagnostic tests required) can be made without the need for further consultation of the reporting radiologist.
D – Overall quality 1. How do you rate the overall quality of the report?