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Table 3 Brain regions showing significant associations between WMS-CR MQsand corresponding functional connectivity

From: Alterations in resting-state functional connectivity of the default mode network in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: an fMRI study

Contrast Brain regions MNI coordinates (mm) Peak Z-score Cluster size (mm3)
x y z
MCI>HC R. Middle Occipital Gyrus/
R. inferior Occipital Gyrus/
R. Superior Occipital Gyrus/
R. Cuneus
36 −78 −6 4.01 443
L. Middle Frontal Gyrus/
L. Superior Frontal Gyrus/
L. Inferior Frontal Gyrus/
L. Insula
−42 24 22 3.46 237
L. Inferior Occipital Gyrus/
L. Middle Occipital Gyrus/
L. Fusiform
−34 −74 −12 4.69 224
L. Middle Temporal Gyrus/
L. Inferior Temporal Gyrus
−52 −24 −14 3.65 154
HC>MCI R. Middle Frontal Gyrus/
R. Superior Frontal Gyrus/
R. Cingulate Gyrus
28 16 32 4.55 228
  1. Abbreviations:HC healthy control, L left, MCI mild cognitive impairment, MNI Montreal Neurological Institute, R right, WMS-CR MQs Wechsler Memory Scale-Chinese Revision memory quotients