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Table 2 Demographic information of studied cohort

From: CT texture features are associated with overall survival in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma a quantitative analysis

Age (years) Mean ± Standard deviation 69 ± 8
Sex Female/Male/Total 13/17/30
Vascular resection Yes/No/Total 15/15/30
Size (cm2) Mean ± Standard Deviation 2.13 ± 1.88
Grade G1/G2/G3/Total 3/19/8/30
Nodes Sampled (Per Patient) Mean ± Standard Deviation 25 ± 11
Patients with Negative/Positive Nodes N0/N1 6/24
Margin R2/R1/R0 0/16/14
Survival Time (months) Mean ± Standard Deviation 31 ± 25
  1. Nodes Sampled is the number of nodes taken from each patient. Patients with Negative Nodes is the number of patients whose sampled nodes were all negative. Patients with Positive Nodes is the number of patients who had at least one positive sampled node