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Table 1 Grey level co-occurrence texture features. All summations are over all (i,j) pairs

From: CT texture features are associated with overall survival in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma a quantitative analysis

Parameter Mathematical definition
Uniformity \( {\displaystyle \sum_{i, j=1}^G}{C_{i j}}^2 \)
Entropy \( {\displaystyle \sum_{i, j=1}^G}{C}_{i j}\ log{C}_{i j} \)
Dissimilarity \( {\displaystyle \sum_{i, j=1}^G}{C}_{i j}\ \left| i- j\right| \)
Inverse Difference Normalized \( {\displaystyle \sum_{i, j=1}^G}\frac{C_{i j}}{1+\left| i- j\right|{}^2/{G}^2} \)
Correlation \( {\displaystyle \sum_{i, j=1}^G}\frac{\left( i-\mu x\right)\left( j-\mu y\right){C}_{i j}}{\sigma x\sigma y} \)