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Table 7 Description of 58 texture and 6 metabolic features in Dataset S 3, extracted from 1.5 Tesla T2w MRI and MRS for identifying prostate cancer (CaP) on a per-voxel basis

From: Dimensionality reduction-based fusion approaches for imaging and non-imaging biomedical data: concepts, workflow, and use-cases

Texture features # Description
Kirsh Filters 4 X-direction, Y-direction, XY-diagonal, YX-diagonal
Sobel Filters 4 X-direction, Y-direction, XY-diagonal, YX-diagonal
Directional Filters 5 x-Gradient, y-Gradient, Magnitude of Gradient, 2 Diagonal Gradients
First order Gray Level 8 Mean, Median, Standard deviation, Range for window size = 3×3,5×5
Haralick features 13 Contrast Energy, Contrast Inverse Moment, Contrast Average, Contrast Variance, Contrast Entropy, Intensity Average for window size = 3×3, Intensity Variance, Intensity Entropy, Entropy, Energy, Correlation, info. Measure of Correlation 1, Info. Measure of Correlation 2
Gabor filters 24 Filterbank constructed for different combinations of scale and orientation
Metabolic features   Description
Metabolites Identified 6 Area under peaks for choline (A ch ), creatine (A cr ), citrate (A cit ), and ratios (A ch /A cr ,A ch /A cit ,A ch+cr /A cit )