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Table 3 This shows the subdivisions of the anatomical structures in the lateral, third and fourth ventricles which were edited in Autodesk 3DS Max

From: A recommended workflow methodology in the creation of an educational and training application incorporating a digital reconstruction of the cerebral ventricular system and cerebrospinal fluid circulation to aid anatomical understanding

Original object (Amira) Subdivided models (3DS Max)
Lateral ventricles Anterior horn
Body of lateral ventricles
Posterior horn
Inferior horn
Third ventricle Supraoptic recess
Infundibular recess
Suprapineal recess
Pineal recess
Third ventricle (body)
Fourth ventricle Lateral foramina (of Luschka)
Medial foramen (of Magendie)
Fourth ventricle (body)
Central canal