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Table 1 This table shows the computer software and programmes, supplementary 3D models and dataset used within this study and some free alternatives

From: A recommended workflow methodology in the creation of an educational and training application incorporating a digital reconstruction of the cerebral ventricular system and cerebrospinal fluid circulation to aid anatomical understanding

Computer software Programmes used Developing company Use in this study Availability Potential free alternatives
3D data visualisation and processing Amira 5.4.5 FEI Visualisation Sciences Group; MA, USA Creation of 3D model from dataset Institution licence available 3DSlicer
Raster graphics editor Adobe Photoshop Elements Adobe; CA, USA Image editing Free trial available ImageJ
3D computer graphics Autodesk 3DS Max Autodesk; CA, USA Texturing of models; creation of animations (using Zygote Body models) Free trial available Blender
3D computer graphics Sculptris Pixologic; CA, USA Virtual sculpting Free open-source -
Compositing programme Adobe After Effects CC Adobe; CA, USA Creation of animations Free trial available DebugMode Wax
Game creation system Unity3D game engine 4.5.2f1 Unity Technologies; CA, USA Creation of interactive application (using BodyParts3D models) Free version available; paid version needed for video playback (~£48/month) CryEngine (CryTek; Frankfurt, DE) or UnrealEngine (Epic Games; MD, USA)
Digital audio editor Audacity - Sound editing for animation background music Free open-source -
  Supplementary 3D models used     
  Zygote Body Zygote Media Group, 2013 Used in animations Paid licencea BodyParts3D
  BodyParts3D Anatomography, 2009 Used in interactive application Free open-source -
  MRI of human head University of Erlangen-Nuremburg Creation of 3D cerebral ventricular model Free open-source -
  1. aZygote Body model was used in animations in this study as a paid licence was already in place (available for download from [] and available to view for free at []). Zygote Body could easily be replaced by BodyParts3D or any other free open-source models