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Table 1 Examples of VR ‘wrong-word substitution’

From: The accuracy of radiology speech recognition reports in a multilingual South African teaching hospital

Error Intended
Speculation Spiculation
Brick areas A Bricker’s
Into plate sclerosis End-plate sclerosis
Raising cisterns Basal cisterns
Femoral focus Femoral artery
Impression is made Comparison is made
Severe carcinoma Liver carcinoma
See 5/6 C 5/6
Airspace dislocation Airspace opacification
No boy metastases No bony metastases
ETT in situ, appears no ETT in situ, appears low
Lesions are collections Lesions or collections
Cardiothymic Caudothalamic
Dense fracture Dens fracture
Transaction Transection