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Table 1 Translating Manual HER2 Assessment into Computer-Related Tasks

From: Computer-assisted assessment of the Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 immunohistochemical assay in imaged histologic sections using a membrane isolation algorithm and quantitative analysis of positive controls



A. Visually examines tissue

I. Captures digital image of relevant area of tissue

B. Locates invasive carcinoma


C. Examines intensity of stain at cytoplasmic membrane

II. Identifies stained membrane areas (pixels) and quantifies intensity on 0–255 scale

D. Examines completeness of membrane staining

III. Quantifies percentage of membrane staining per cell

E. Examines percent positive cells

IV. Counts positive cancer cells and divides by total number of cancer cells

F. Compares with positive tissue controls

V: Takes digital image of control, quantifies control, and uses it to normalize patient HER2 score.