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Figure 7

From: Interactive neonatal gastrointestinal magnetic resonance imaging using fruit juice as an oral contrast media

Figure 7

Coronal IR-SSFSE of neonatal GI tract. A 2 week old 3 kg male infant underwent MRI following PJ administration. A. Conventional SSFSE (TR 2500 ms) imaging. It is not possible to differentiate between PJ in the stomach and proximal small bowel from fluid already in the small bowel on conventional T2w imaging. B. T2w hydrographic SSFSE image (TR of 4000 ms) demonstrating location of pre-existing bowel fluid. The short T2 PJ in the stomach and proximal bowel is low signal. C. IR-SSFSE PDw (TI = 1000 ms) that nulls the signal from pre-existing bowel fluid, and demonstrates PJ as high signal in stomach and proximal bowel.

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