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Table 1 Comparison of the proposed method with the Jonasson's method

From: Segmentation of corpus callosum using diffusion tensor imaging: validation in patients with glioblastoma

Witelson Subdivisions Proposed Method Jonasson's Method
Rostrum 94.41 75.15
Genu 98.25 91.24
Rostral Body 97.27 83.10
Anterior Mid-Body 95.44 79.33
Posterior Mid-Body 96.07 71.54
Isthmus 94.24 81.46
Splenium 97.29 80.25
  1. The average Dice measures for different Witelson subdivisions of the corpus callosum for the control subjects. Note that the best performance is obtained in the genu area with least penetration inside adjacent fiber bundles, and the worst performance is obtained in the posterior mid-body subdivision with penetration mainly inside cingulum and tracts of corona-radiata.