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Figure 1

From: Assessment of the impact of the scanner-related factors on brain morphometry analysis with Brainvisa

Figure 1

Different steps of data pre-processing in Brainvisa. a) a colour-coded presentation of the raw (left) and bias corrected (right) T1-weighted images b) the extracted brain overlaid on the T1 image c) the brain split into the right and left hemispheres as well as the cerebellum d) each hemisphere segmented into GM, WM and CSF e) the union of GM and CSF f) the GM/CSF union following skeletonization g) the skeleton surface on the T1-weighted image after removing the brain hull h) the three possible relations between neighbouring folds (top) and a graph symbolizing the folds and their mutual relations (bottom) i) colour-coded presentation of the identified sulci. The figure does not correspond to the data used in this study and is presented only for illustration purposes.

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