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Figure 5

From: Volume Tracking: A new method for quantitative assessment and visualization of intracardiac blood flow from three-dimensional, time-resolved, three-component magnetic resonance velocity mapping

Figure 5

Particle tracing and Volume Tracking visualizations of right ventricular filling flow. Particle tracing (panels A-C) and Volume Tracking (panels D-F) visualizations of RV filling in volunteer 7. See Additional File 5: VT-RV.mpg for an animated version. In each image, an anatomical 4-chamber cine image is shown. The 4-chamber image is transparent to show flow behind the plane. The scene has been rotated in comparison to Figures 1, 2 and 4, to better show the visualizations. Due to the rotation, the RV is in the foreground, with the LV behind. Time is counted from the start of systole. Panels A-C show particle tracing. In panel A, at the start of diastole, a collection of particles has been placed in the right atrium. In panel B, during early filling, the particle traces move in a vortex pattern from the atrium into the ventricle. In panel C, at end-diastole, the particles have slowed down and spread in the right ventricle. Panels D-F show a Volume Tracking visualization corresponding to the particle tracing in panels A-C. Panel D, at the start of diastole, shows a spherical volume of blood in the right atrium. In Panel E, during early filling, the blood volume has deformed and flowed into the right ventricle. In Panel F, at end-diastole, the volume has been deformed further and has spread in the right ventricle. Comparing panels B and E, the vortex flow pattern is more apparent in the particle trace visualization in panel B. Comparing panels C and F, the Volume Tracking visualization in panel F shows how blood has spread in a complex pattern in the right ventricle. This is not apparent in the particle tracing visualization in panel C. LV = left ventricle, RV = right ventricle, LA = left atrium, RA = right atrium, MV = mitral valve, color = velocity from 0 (blue) to 1 m/s (red).

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